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CNA - PRN/Flexible (24hr/month)

Company: Tabitha
Location: Lincoln
Posted on: March 19, 2023

Job Description:

TABITHA'S PURPOSE: - We empower people to live joyfully, age gratefully.
Each CNA and Med Aide, regardless of title, enhances the living experience for Tabitha's elders/residents/clients (hereinafter, "elders/clients") by performing various care activities and related services as described and in compliance with the comprehensive care plan/service plan objectives. While doing so they will contribute to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of elders/clients through respectful, professional, competent and personable interaction. This employee strives to uphold Tabitha's LIVE Culture, Crew Code of Conduct and actively embraces Tabitha's Core Values. By doing so, the employee supports Tabitha goals related to the dignity, respect, independence, competence, autonomy, personal comfort, safety and security of elders/clients. In addition, the employee contributes to the success of Tabitha through ongoing collaboration with family members, coworkers, management, volunteers and others in the organization.

When an employee moves to PRN status there are requirements/guidelines that must be met:

  • Must be willing and able to go to any nursing unit. You are NOT guaranteed to work on only one specific unit, even if you picked up a specific opening in Schedule360.
  • You are required to work 24 hours a month with at least 16 hours on a weekend.
  • When you pick up or trade shifts with co-workers, these shifts are not a part of your REQUIRED 24 hours.
  • You must work 8 hours on one (1) holiday within a year's timeframe.
  • You will receive credit for your scheduled shift if Tabitha needs to cancel.
  • You will NOT receive credit for your scheduled shift that YOU cancel.
  • Failure to give a two (2) week notice to cancel a shift may be considered an absence.
  • Must complete all mandatory training / in-services / competency / and compete any continuing education hours required for the appropriate discipline to be eligible to work at Tabitha.
  • You are expected to continue attending floor meetings to stay current with reviews and new information.
  • The Scheduling Department will review your hours worked on a monthly basis and notify anyone who is noncompliant of the 24 hour per month guideline. PRN staff will have five (5) business days to contact the Scheduling Department and/or schedule hours in Schedule360. Scheduling less than three (3) shifts in a one-month period may result in termination.
  • Notify the Scheduling Department immediately of any telephone number changes/updates.
  • You will not be paid bonus (prem) pay for your first holiday worked.
  • No bonus (prem) pay will be given if you have not met your monthly requirement.

  • Follows through on the comprehensive care plan/service plan as developed for each individual elder/client.
  • Provides assistance with activities of daily living, including but not limited to bathing, dressing, grooming, feeding, toileting, transferring/ambulation and continence. This includes the use of strength, agility and stamina for completion of frequent/continuous transferring of elders/clients from and to bed, wheelchair, bathtub/shower, commode etc., often without assistance. - - Provides therapeutic care as described in the care plan/service plan. -
  • Assists with elder/client admissions, discharges, transfers and orientation of new employees.
  • Frequently changes bedding when bed is empty or when elder/client is in bed depending on the situation.
  • Follows department protocol for submission of completed documentation, with particular attention to accuracy and timeliness.
  • Prioritizes assignments to complete care for elders/clients in allotted time making adjustments throughout shift to meet frequently changing/overlapping elder/client/caregiver/coworker/manager needs, call lights, when necessary. Utilizes strength, agility and stamina to carry out all essential functions safely and effectively. Willingly takes on additional duties during times of peak workload or elder/client requests.
  • Uses strength, agility, stamina and prioritization skills to respond promptly to frequent and often overlapping elder/client/caregiver/coworker/manager needs and requests, responds to call lights promptly (does not apply to Home Care and some other areas where call lights are not used), reports abnormal findings or any complaints promptly to appropriate party.
  • Complies with HIPAA regulations regarding privacy by insuring that Protected Health Information (PHI) is safeguarded at all times. In addition, maintains a high level of confidentiality regarding any matter pertaining to any Tabitha elders/clients.
  • Consistently uses strength, agility and good body mechanics when performing essential functions, follows appropriate safety and infection control policies and procedures of Tabitha and/or community and regulatory agencies.
  • Reports all broken and malfunctioning equipment immediately. Follows disaster plans and uses strength and agility during participation in preparedness drills and actual emergencies. Maintains a neat and orderly work environment.
  • Completes required training and in-services promptly. Demonstrates understanding of the course content and implements training in daily activities.
  • Participates in competency training/testing when required by policy or other business need of Tabitha.
  • Considers all factors and takes appropriate action, making good decisions that contribute to the welfare of the elders/clients.
  • Performs work duties within the assigned work environment related to the position, as assigned by Tabitha, regardless of employee preference.
  • Assesses elders/clients and communicates any change in physical, mental or psychosocial status to the appropriate party. Identifies teaching needs for elders/clients or family.
  • Maintains courteous relationship with supervisors, co-workers, elders/clients, family members, loved ones, members of other departments and volunteers, providing support and assistance to co-workers to ensure quality elder/client care. Volunteers to assist others, seeks opportunities to serve elders/clients/loved ones/coworkers/Tabitha.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the care and treatment of all elders/clients. Maintains the strength and stamina sufficient to perform safe transfers to and from the bed, chair, commode, bathtub, etc.
  • Participates in meetings and in-services on both department and company levels.
  • Maintains a good record of attendance and punctuality as defined by Tabitha's policy pertaining to attendance and punctuality. Records all time worked accurately and consistently using the timekeeping method provided by Tabitha.
  • Complies with Tabitha policies and procedures as published by Tabitha and which may be modified from time to time. Contributes to quality assurance and performance improvement activities by identifying instances of non-compliance and taking appropriate action, including reporting violations of Tabitha policy or regulations as appropriate.
  • Acts with integrity and in the best interest of Tabitha. - - Business relationships are conducted in the best interest of Tabitha, free of gifts, cash inducements, gratuities, favors, or other perceived improper inducements
  • Willingly takes on additional duties and/or assignments, assisting with projects and responding to requests as assigned or as necessary
  • If a Med Aide:*Prepares and administers medications, treatments, oxygen, inhalers, nebulizers etc. as ordered by the physician and according to facility policies/procedures. Administers PRN medications/treatments under the direction of the RN. May include Rectal/Vaginal medications, feeding tube medication, administration of insulin, glucometer testing if within scope of practice and directed by RN.*Maintains Med Aide Certification, pays all fees related to the certification. Takes all steps necessary to be certain that the Med Aide Certification does not ever expire.*Evaluates emergency situations, performing CPR when necessary based on training. Maintains CPR Certification, taking refresher courses to continually maintain an active certification at all times. Is responsible for payment of any fees related to this if the refresher training is not taken at Tabitha.
  • If a Shahbaz:*Participates as a member of the self-managed work team, including rotating Coordinator responsibilities - - - - *Team Coordinator (liaison between team, family, volunteers, etc. - - - - *Food Coordinator (organize and conduct weekly menu planning meeting, ordering food, monitoring the food supply and overseeing needed kitchen compliance issues. - - - - *Housekeeping Coordinator(coordinator housekeeping activities and monitoring the cleanliness of the Green House. - - - - *Scheduling Coordinator (create a work schedule in collaboration with the team that provides adequate staff coverage while meeting the requests for needed time off. - - - - *Care Coordinator (monitoring compliance with care plans and their effectiveness. - - - - *Evaluates emergency situations, performing CPR when necessary based on training. Maintains CPR Certification, taking refresher courses to continually maintain an active certification at all times. - - - - - -Is responsible for payment of any fees related to this if the refresher training is not taken at Tabitha.
  • If a Living Assistant: - - - - *Implements activities for the elders/clients. - - - - *Serves all meals to elders/client. - - - - *Processes elder/client laundry. - - - - *Provides and/or assists with providing elder/client bathing, while promoting optimum elder/client independence. - - - - *Responsible for housekeeping duties between regularly scheduled cleaning days.
  • If a Care Partner: - - - - *Provides and documents basic therapeutic care not requiring nursing judgement, such as obtaining heights and weights and measuring vital signs. - - - - *Prepares breakfast, snacks and other foods requested by/for elder/client. - - - - *Processes elder/client laundry.
  • If a Bath Assistant: - - - - *Provides and/or assists with providing elder/client bathing, while promoting optimum elder/client independence.
  • If a Functional Maintenance Aide: - - - - *Performs Functional Maintenance Care tasks on the nursing units including but not limited to strengthening exercise, activities of daily living, ambulation, range of motion and feeding programs strictly observing the techniques and programs established by the therapist and/or Nurse Manager. - - - - *Instructs, motivates and assists elders/clients by direction of the nurse with learning and improving functional activities.
  • If a Transportation Aide: - - - - *Accompanies elders/clients on visits outside the facility including physician office visits, shopping, hospital and home visits including loading/unloading elder/client from vehicles as necessary. - - - - *Assists elders/clients in preparing for leaving, including assisting in dressing, obtaining wheelchair or walker, if appropriate, obtaining appropriate documentation/information and escorting elder/client to the lobby and into the van. - - - - *Assist with completion of forms at the physician's office or hospital. Return necessary equipment and pertinent information/documentation to the facility.

    Tabitha's TEAM CONDUCT CODE As a member of the Tabitha team---

    - - - - - - - - - - - I will always be in character while doing the work of Tabitha.

    - - - - - - - - - - - I will extend unwavering Christian compassion toward everyone.

    - - - - - - - - - - - I will build relationships rooted in love, because at Tabitha, love matters.

    - - - - - - - - - - - I will anticipate each customer's needs, always looking for ways to exceed their expectations.

    - - - - - - - - - - - I will cooperate with others to create an atmosphere of teamwork.

    - - - - - - - - - - - I will accept responsibility for excellent communication and will be constantly aware that what I say and do is a reflection of Tabitha.

    - - - - - - - - - - - I will do what I say, when I say, because Tabitha's success depends on my ability to make and keep commitments.

    - - - - - - - - - - - I will offer my time, talent, and treasure to Tabitha.

    - - - - - - - - - - - I will support Tabitha's ongoing efforts to continually improve and am willing to offer ideas and be accepting of change.

    - - - - - - - - - - - I will understand who Tabitha is and what Tabitha does in order to support and promote One Tabitha.

    COMMUNICATION: Must be able to speak, read, write, and understand the English language including medical terminology related to the job. Sufficient fluency to be able to understand and follow written or verbal instructions, provide instruction to others, read and understand a care plan/service plan, policies, procedures or other similar documentation, interact successfully with elder/clients/caregivers, hold a conversation, conduct or participate in meetings, compose professional e-mails or other written communication, prepare legible, accurate and thorough documentation as required by the job and interact with coworkers, customers, vendors, volunteers, managers and family members effectively. Ability to recognize and interpret non-verbal cues. - - - - Ability to respond calmly and clearly to emergencies and emotional situations. WORKSITE CONDITIONS: Works indoors in a facility or in vehicles (Transportation Aides) maintained by Tabitha that will typically be in good repair, clean, well ventilated and well lit. Frequent exposure to heat/steam (in bath facility), dust, disinfectants, infectious waste, communicable diseases, bodily fluids, blood borne pathogens, cleaning products, personal care products. Frequent exposure to noise from call lights, phones, walkie talkies. Frequent interruptions and changes in priorities based on needs of elder/clients. Occasional exposure to hazardous chemicals. Occasional exposure to outdoors and the resulting extremes in temperature and exposure to sun, rain, heat, cold, wind, allergens. Frequent interaction with elders/clients, coworkers, visitors, representatives of government agencies, etc. under all conditions and circumstances. This will include exposure to elder/clients, family members and coworkers who may experience extremes in emotions. Elders/clients, in particular, may become agitated or combative. Works beyond normal scheduled hours and on weekends and holidays when assigned. Is subject to extended hours or callback during emergency conditions or based upon needs of the organization. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Ability to gain access to the work area and then safely perform the duties of the job while utilizing standard and specialized equipment, including but not limited to the equipment described below. Physical stamina with the ability to perform duties while moving about the work area for the entire shift with few opportunities to sit down and with little or no break between tasks. - - Strength and agility sufficient to frequently and continuously lift, push, pull, reach, squat, kneel, bend, carry, twist, pinch, grasp, climb stairs while performing duties (such as bathing, toileting, transferring) and manipulating various supplies and equipment. Frequent periods of intense activity. - - Ability to safely perform unassisted transfers (from/to bed/chair/toilet/commode/bathtub/shower) and otherwise provide care to elders/clients who are weak, frail, obese, unable to assist due to limited mobility, quadriplegia, paraplegia, tremors, paralysis etc. Ability to remain calm and work effectively when others (such as elders/clients, coworkers or family members) experience emotional extremes, up to and including elders/clients who become combative. Vision and hearing within normal limits (with or without correction). Must have unrestricted lift/push/pull ability and pass a 50 - pound physical exam demonstrating strength and agility prior to employment and at Tabitha's discretion.
    EQUIPMENT USAGE: Standard and specialized equipment including but not limited to gait belts, bedpans, urinals, wheelchairs, geri - chairs, commodes, shower chairs, blood pressure apparatus, thermometers (glass, electronic and tympanic), ambulation equipment (canes, walkers, crutches, etc.), whirlpool, scales (electronic and regular), oximeter, oxygen concentrator, mechanical lift devices, Clinitron bed, Aqua-K pad, braces, splints, nebulizer, inhaler, tube feeding equipment, side rails, humidifier, fan, telephone, computer, walkie talkie, electronic devices, and photocopier. If a Shahbaz additional equipment will include: oven, grill, fryer, microwave, food processor, mixer, blender, garbage disposal, and other equipment deemed necessary in providing food service. Vacuum, scrubber, mop and bucket, duster, sweeper, broom, and other equipment deemed necessary in providing housekeeping service. Washer, dryer, iron, and other equipment deemed necessary in providing laundry service. Equipment deemed necessary in providing home repair service. Security monitoring and notifying equipment.

    AGE REQUIREMENT: -At least age 16 for Tabitha Assisted Living Communities. At least age 18 for all other Tabitha Living Communities.

    EDUCATION: High School Diploma or equivalent preferred.

    EXPERIENCE: 6 month's experience as an aide or caregiver preferred.

    CREDENTIALS: CNA Certification in good standing as demonstrated by inclusion on the Nebraska State Registry, preferred in Assisted Living Facilities. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - CNA Certification in good standing as demonstrated by inclusion on the Nebraska State Registry, required in all other Tabitha living communities. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - If a Med Aide additional credentials: Med Aide Certification in good standing as demonstrated by inclusion on the Nebraska State Registry required. - CPR required. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - If a Shahbaz additional credentials: CPR required. - First Aid required. - Food Handler's Permit required if in Lancaster county location. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - If a Care Partner additional credentials: Food Handler's Permit required if in Lancaster county locations. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -All certifications must be kept up to date at the expense of the employee.
    Must meet Tabitha's vaccination requirements
    Tabitha Health Care Services is an equal employment opportunity employer and does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, citizenship, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, mental or physical disability, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law. - This policy applies to all employment practices and decisions including recruitment, selection, hiring, training, transfer, promotion, compensation, benefits, and the termination of employment. -
    -Furthermore, Tabitha Health Care Services will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with known disabilities unless doing so would result in an undue hardship, safety, and/or health risk. - Please contact Tabitha Health Care Services Human Resources Department to request an accommodation.
    As a government contractor, the organization has adopted written Affirmative Action Plans for women and minorities, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities. These plans will be revised on an annual basis. Tabitha Health Care Services is committed to making a good-faith effort toward achieving the objectives of the Plans. Any employee who would like to review the Plans may do so by scheduling an appointment with the Human Resources Department during normal business hours.

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